Samurai do TOEI

Let's experience being a Samurai or Ninja.

You can choose a Samurai or Ninja costume and experience. We'll teach you the ways of the Samurai as well as techniques of the Ninja.
This class is managed by Toei Studios Kyoto, which is famous for making samurai/ninja movies, and your hosts are experienced actors.
You can learn how to be a samurai/ninja though an authentic style of sword fighting which is also great exercise!


We offer various teachings from 'Jidaigeki' (Japanese period dramas) performed on stages and film sets in Kyoto. We are located at Toei Studios Kyoto known as the foremost provider and preserver of Jidaigeki since its foundation in 1926. Toei Studios Kyoto is also the oldest working movie studio in Kyoto. In our experience, you will train and fight against professional actors who have been stabbed, slashed, and sliced thousands of times on film and stage. Now it is your turn to become the hero and face the enemy! We also have a small gift for you.

Course Content

Course Content

  • Short demonstration

    Short demonstration

  • Change into samurai ninja costume

    Change into samurai /
    ninja costume

  • Practice with wooden swords

    Practice with wooden

  • Prcatice with mock swords

    Prcatice with mock

  • Perform as samurai with music

    Perform as samurai
    with music

  • Photo session

    Photo session

Important information

If you wish to take a photo or video of the session, please bring your own recording devices.


東映京都撮影所が運営する、インバウンドに向けた 侍、忍者になるためのレッスンです。


  • ① 侍による殺陣をお見せいたします
  • ② 侍/忍者に扮装
  • ③ 木刀を使った練習
  • ④ 模擬刀で練習
  • ⑤ 武士道について(切腹)※オプション
  • ⑥ 効果音をつけ殺陣の本番
  • ⑦ 写真撮影




市バス 11系統 京都バス
太秦開町下車 徒歩2分
撮影所前駅下車 徒歩2分
JR 嵯峨野線
太秦駅下車 徒歩5分

​〒616-8163 京都市右京区太秦西蜂岡町9 東映京都撮影所




  • 東映京都撮影所
  • 簡易地図
9 Nishi Hachigaoka-cho, Uzumasa, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 616-8163
" Toei Studios Kyoto" ( next to Toei Kyoto studio park.)
  • 5 mins walk from Uzumasa Station , JR Sagano line.
  • 2 mins walk from satsueisho-mae Station, Randen kitano Line.
  • 2 mins walk from Uzumasa Hirakicho bus stop, City bus #11 or Kyoto bus.
Meeting spot
"Toei Studios Kyoto" main entrance. We will pick you up at there.

Please arrive 10 mins early. We will start on time.